Brooke is a junior at San Diego State majoring in Journalism with a minor in Television, Film and New Media Production. This is her second year being involved with TEDxSDSU and is thrilled to be the Event Coordinator her second time around. Basing her lifestyle off the idea to “follow her dreams” she hopes that this event will immerse the audience into an environment that allows them to realize their potential and go forth to find their own “art of expression.


Hello Everyone! My name is Angelina Aceves. I grew up in Capilla De Milpillas, Jalisco, a tiny rural community in Mexico. From my upbringing, I have learned to value personal relationships with those around me. I am fortunate enough to go to school in beautiful San Diego, (go Aztecs!). I love fashion and enjoy the great outdoors, as well as a healthy lifestyle.
I chose to be a part of TedX SDSU because I have personally felt the effect of the TedX movement. It is so great to see what people have accomplished even though they may have some sort “drawback”. The greatest thing is to see how that does not stop them, they have a dream and they do everything they can to achieve it. Stories like these really put things into perspective and give me the strength necessary to continue to push forward and see drawbacks as a lesson to be learned.


Hello! My name is Celina Chen and I am currently a senior at San Diego State University majoring in Marketing. With a year and half left, I couldn’t be more excited to graduate in 2014 and pursue a career in Marketing. On my free time I love to stay active by running, hiking, and playing basketball. I also enjoy traveling, trying new foods, and baking an assortment of sweet treats. I am extremely excited to contribute to TEDxSDSU by being apart of the 2014 Committee. TEDx is such an inspirational event that I admire greatly and I am honored to help continue its legacy here at San Diego State University.


I’m an international business senior emphasizing in marketing and Spanish and love traveling and learning about new cultures. I will be going to Europe for the next year to study and to intern. I have been a part of the PR committee for two semesters now and wanted to be a part of the TEDx event to not only provide an incredible event for fellow students, but also to learn something from these speakers myself. I’ve always been really impressed with what TED has done worldwide and I am honored to be a part of an event with the SDSU name.


Hi everyone! My name is Michael Prince and I am currently a sophomore at SDSU studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. A passion of mine is helping others and hoping to, in some small way, pass on inspiration to help them drive towards their dreams and aspirations. This is the reason I wanted to be a part of TEDx SDSU. I was lucky enough to be present in the audience during the past year’s event and was able to be inspired and motivated by the speakers who presented their stories. Having the ability to work directly on the event with a group of self-motivated, driven, young individuals is truly an amazing experience I could not pass up! I can’t wait to watch the event unravel and witness the inspiration and motivation others draw from their experience at TEDx SDSU.


Will Chow is a junior at SDSU studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. I have always been fascinated and inspired by the TED talks online. These videos and motivational speakers have kept pushing me forward and having the opportunity to put on a TEDx event at SDSU, I knew I could not pass it up! Being on this committee is a blessing. Having the chance to work with such young and driven individuals has been an amazing experience! I cannot wait to see the end result of all of our hard work.


I am currently attending SDSU studying Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. I wanted to be a part of TEDx because I knew it wasn’t something I wouldn’t normally be a part of. I love event planning and seeing something as cool as a TED event come together is a rewarding feeling. The speakers, stories, and entire process are such an inspiration to me.


I’m Justine Smith and I am a sophomore pursuing a major in International Business with a Chinese emphasis. I love immersing myself in activities that enrich lives through culture, fashion, and a healthy lifestyle. You’ll often find me traveling the world, in a yoga studio, or curled up deep in a book! TED is such an honorable organization worldwide, and I am so excited to be a part of SDSU’s TEDX event team. The messages these speakers relay never fail to be a humbling yet empowering experience, and I cannot wait to hear what’s coming next with the “Art of Expression”.


My name is Isabel Smith and I am a senior at SDSU studying International Security and Conflict Resolution. My main drive for wanting to partake in the planning of the upcoming TEDxSDSU event was due to my love for what TED stands for and the effects that the talks have on individuals. The organization gives people from many corners of the globe a very special opportunity to have their voice be heard – and ignites a spark of innovation and a thrill for new ideas to all who follow. I wanted to be apart of something bigger than myself – and help others take the floor at TEDxSDSU so that they could share their vision and new ideas with the rest of the world!


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