Larry Kesslin

Larry Kesslin is one of the founding partners and president of 4-Profit. Over the past 25 years, he has worked with thousands of solution providers, and numerous vendors and distributors to help guide and inspire leaders to reach their chosen (business) destination.

Larry understands what makes solution providers ‘tick’, and more importantly, what they need to be successful. His passion centers around his desire to help business owners avoid the “entrepreneurial scars” in their business, and find their desired destination in their personal and professional lifestyle.

Larry is a seasoned public speaker, having given several keynotes for companies including Cisco, Gartner, IBM, Motorola and others. Recently Larry co-authored and speaks on 4-Profit’s  Break Points, the result of 18 years of work with Solution Providers and their businesses.

Larry is a known philanthropist. He is passionate about providing technology solutions to government, education and business entities in Uganda. Working with U-TOUCH, Larry helps bring training, equipment and software to various regions of Northern Uganda in hopes of providing hope and a future to a war-torn community.

At 4-Profit we aim to inspire and guide business leaders to reach their chosen destination by identifying and removing roadblocks along their journey. We see them through to their destination by injecting our wisdom to help them avoid the same detours we’ve experienced. Preparing your key partners for dramatic internal expansion and developing a platform for revenue growth starts with a real understanding of the break points or hidden pitfalls along the journey that tarnishes a solution providers ability to move the business to the next profitable tier.

Larry Kesslin is one of the founding partners and president of 4-Profit. Over the past 25 years, he has worked with thousands of solution providers, and numerous vendors and distributors to help guide and inspire leaders to reach their chosen (business) destination. Larry cultivates vendor and distributor programs and public speaking to help educate channel teams and business partners toward better channel relationships and success.


Christine Magnus

Christine Magnus Moore is a registered nurse and has worked many years in the field of oncology. She has stood by the bedside of cancer patients, caring for them as they endured major surgeries, chemotherapy and even the aftermath of grueling bone marrow transplants. As connected as she felt to her patients, she didn’t fully comprehend the courage it took to confront cancer every day until she faced her own diagnosis of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Christine has been a cancer survivor for eleven-and-a-half years and has an inspiring story. Her own suffering ignited a deeper passion to help patients battling the disease. In 2009 she obtained a Master’s Certification in Caring for Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer from Coventry University in the United Kingdom. Currently, she is a board member for the Orange County chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, a member of the Oncology Nursing Society and has co-founded the You Are Not Alone cancer comfort ministry also known as YANA. She continues to mentor and help cancer patients of all ages. Christine is the author of “Both Sides of the Bedside: From Oncology Nurse to Patient, an RN’s Journey with Cancer,” a memoir being marketed for release in late 2014.


Deborah Plotkin

Born and raised in New York City, with the tragic loss of her father early in life, Deborah learned to be strong at an early age, turning hardship into resilience and opportunity. Through her work, she established her path and passion for giving a voice to those in need and a way to fulfill their dreams. Deborah initially became an advocate to give that voice to children with autism. After she and her husband spent years facing challenges trekking mountains in the US, the Himalayas in Nepal, Ecuador and Tanzania, Deborah’s drive and determination to help others only grew. The lessons on the way to the summit were adding up. After facing unexpected storms and avalanches, yet conquering the peaks, it was time to give back. Deborah was instrumental in the fundraising efforts and building of three schools in the Himalayas. Her determination, purpose and meaning in life grew exponentially. Learning about atrocities in northern Uganda, Deborah developed a student sponsorship program for orphans in the region. Following visits to developing countries with extreme poverty, it was evident that brilliance was equally distributed, though opportunity was not. Subsequently, experiencing Uganda’s horrific conditions at the end of the 20-year LRA War, Deborah knew something needed to be done. As a problem solver, she recognized the importance of support through empowerment and established her non-profit, U-TOUCH, bringing technology, training and the Internet to Transform Lives by Bridging the Global Digital Divide. It is the lessons that began in childhood that have transformed her life and shaped her passion to empower others who experience life’s challenges.


Jonathan L. Zaidman

As the Executive Director of San Diego-based non-profit, The 1:1 Movement, Jonathan Zaidman works to ensure that the city is as clean, green, healthy, and vibrant as possible. Jonathan has pieced together years of experience working on innovative, youth-based, and entrepreneurial projects in the non-profit, for-profit, and academic fields to develop the organization with his team. Jonathan says that he loves San Diego more than anyone he’s ever met, which may or may not be true.


Sarah Hernholm

Sarah Hernholm is passionate about teen leadership and social entrepreneurship. She knows that teens have incredible ideas for how to make the world a better place and believes the world needs to hear them!  As Founder and President of the non-profit  WIT-Whatever It Takes, she spends her days meeting incredible teens who want to change the world, as well as community members and businesses interested in supporting teen entrepreneurs. Prior to WIT, Sarah spent 4 years teaching elementary school and 6 years in TV/film production. Each career stepping stone has led her to where she is today – living her life’s purpose.
Nate Howard
Nate Howard graduated from USC’s Annenberg School for Communication &
Journalism in May 2013, where he studied communication with an emphasis in
entertainment. During his time in college, Nate created Movement BE, a multimedia platform amplifying the voices of the millennial generation. He launched his first project “BE the Music,” a college television show focusing on music inspiration, interviewing top artists such as J Cole, Nicki Minaj and Ice Cube. With much success, Nate was asked
to shoot a pilot for “The Nate Howard Show,” on mtvU, showcasing top emerging talent.
As a college host, he has emceed events with over 10,000 students, often performing his poetry before introducing acts. In spring of 2013, he was featured on the front page of the LA Times delivering one of his most compelling speeches against racial profiling in
response to a party incident with LAPD. Upon graduation, Nate went back to his high
school in San Diego and created “BE the Voice,” to inspire youth to turn their personal
narratives into solutions for change. Along with directing Movement BE, Nate is the national event manager for Campus DJ, a collegiate DJ competition where he travels the country to find the best college DJs. He also records music, and is a songwriter working with Atlantic Records. Moving forward in his career, he would like to sustain today’s most pressing issues through the realms of popular culture by creating effective strategies that combine advocacy and entertainment through innovative platforms.
Karen Henken
Karen Henken is a fearless and visionary connector. As founder and principal of Henken & Associates, Karen helps companies connect across the globe with new channels, partnerships and market opportunities. As both a former high tech executive and as a consultant, Karen has helped dozens of organizations establish a beachhead in new industries and geographies in the US and globally.  Karen is also deeply involved and passionate about promoting social change and sustainability in her community. Currently she serves on boards of several organizations fostering regional partnerships and social impact programs. She is co-founder of the San Diego Social Innovation Trust, a regional initiative promoting cross sector collaboration. She is founder of Like Minded Women, a group of women leaders committed to creating impact and change in their communities. Karen has an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a BA in Political Science from Bowdoin College.
Josh Morse

Josh Morse is a resilient and compassionate leader, community member, and youth advocate. As president and CEO of Associated Students, a non-profit, student-directed corporation, Josh is responsible for representing the 34,000 students who attend San Diego State University while directing the organization. Josh is a senior, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in finance and will be graduating this May. He finds leadership and service to be an integral part of his education and has proven this through his work in numerous campus organizations such as Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and Peer Leadership Consultants among others. Most notably, as a student development officer for SDSU’s comprehensive capital campaign, Josh has helped raise millions of dollars for scholarships and programs like the SDSU Guardian Scholars Program, a program that assists former foster youth at San Diego State University. Josh advocates for at risk and foster youth as a motivational speaker and raises awareness of the challenges they face. For these efforts, Josh was one of 23 students in the entire California State University system selected to receive the William Randolph Hearst/CSU Trustees’ Award for Outstanding Achievement, and the only student to receive the Trustee Emeritus Murray L. Galinson Award presented in recognition of superior academic performance, outstanding community service, and significant personal achievement. He was recently awarded the Quest for the Best medallion, presented to only 10 of San Diego State University’s most outstanding student leaders. Josh credits his unique background as a former homeless youth for giving him the perspective, motivation, and compassion he displays in his approach to life and leadership. Josh expresses himself through his passion for surfing, playing music, and helping others.


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